Tuesdays with Evi Greene TC

* This promo is strictly a 30 Mins portrait session.

* This promo is only for personal portraits.

* You must follow @evigreenephotography on Instagram.

* Must tag at least 5 people in Houston on any of the promo post.

* Arrive early, there will be no Extra time for this promo.

* Extra Photos cost $20 each for edit and release.

* No picture is released without edits.

* Extra change outfit or background to any package will $20 each.

* All soft copies are delivered through my website.  

* No rescheduled allowed on this promo.

* Turnaround time for photos will take at least 5 business days.

* Terms are subject to change at any time without notice.

* Evi Greene has rights to cancel/refuse bookings from anyone not complying with the TC.

* I reserve the right to use any and all images taken during any photo sessions or event        coverage for my portfolio or any other use including but not limited to, business/social media promotions, digital and print publications. ‚Äč

* Please email or call me for any more question/s or concern/s.

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